From Coleus to Begonias, we have seasonal, easy-to-grow plants for you.


Ancient, enchanting, unique —- that’s what Ferns are. Find out the varieties we have here.


Juniper, spruce, pine, cedars — we got them all! Click here for details.

Ornamental Shrubs

From Dogwood to Burning Bush to Hyndrangea to Azalea to Roses, the list is almost endless.


We have varieties of Yarrows, Daisies, Grenadins, Iris, and Peonies of different colors. You have another favorite in mind? Check out our list of we have it here.

We have more plants for you!

Small Fruits

Fancy some Honeyberry and Raspberry? What about Strawberry and Gooseberry?


Want to grow your own tiny forest? Find out the trees you can start planting.


Adorn the trellis with Honeysuckle.
Decorate the fence with Ivy.

Ready to give your garden a face lift?

Check out our tools and accessories

1. Not all plants that we handle are listed on the Price List. If you want any specific plant, please feel free to ask as we may be able to get it in for you.
2. Please give at least 1 week notice for orders of special items or large quantities.
3. Prices subject to change without prior notice.

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